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rayblanchardNo accident you landed here…

Connection and discovery of new possibilities are here right now. No more searching; you found the perfect partner with a genuine interest in you and accelerating your performance and achieving your goals. I invite you to learn more about me, and allow me to show you what has worked successfully for me and numerous clients in my 30 years in the personal and business development industry. I will show you how to effectively communicate your gifts so people will line up to do business with you.

I pledge to “…aspire nobly, adventure daringly, and serve humbly” as William Henry Danforth so aptly puts it. My commitment is to use all the professional tools and assets available to help you live powerfully and to love the life you live.

~ Dr. Ray Blanchard ~

“Evolve human consciousness through transformation training and conscious media in every household.”

Lifestyle Architect. Ray Blanchard is a leading trainer, seminar designer, corporate consultant, and founder of BLANCHARD CONSULTING GROUP, LLC. He is a partner in Transformational Media Group, and he is Co-Executive Producer of the movie THE ANSWER To Absolutely Everything.

His deep interest in consciousness and transformational technologies has shaped his approach to work and life. Having lived in Japan for several years , and traveling throughout the world, a wide range of rich life experiences combine to create a unique blend of knowledge and skill. Ray brings a colorful and eclectic blend of perspectives to his life and work.

Ray has delivered training and consulting programs to more than 100,000 people with lasting impact for success in Japan, New Zealand, Russia, Malaysia, Puerto Rica, Argentina, Mexico, Canada, and the U.S. He has worked with leaders from Fortune 100 companies to privately owned mid-sized companies, such as TOMMY BAHAMAS, AT&T, ASB Bank Ltd in New Zealand, Fletcher-Challenge Ltd., Summit Education, The Legacy Center, Phillips Morris, Worldworks Inc., Sime Darby Berhad, Griggs-Anderson Research, Universiti Pertanian Malaysia Faculty of Economics and Management, and other companies challenged by change on the global playing field.

He was a Danforth Fellow, and Outstanding Young Man of America and was Senior Board Advisor to Vistar Youth Horizons, Inc., a charitable organization dedicated to the enhancement of youth at risk. He is a member of the Transformational Leadership Council and the American Counseling Association. Ray’s education was focused in Business Administration, East-West Philosophy, and Counseling Psychology. He holds a BA and MAEd from Washington University in St. Louis and a Ph.D. from the University of Oregon.

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