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The Heroes Quest

The Heroes Quest is an opportunity to emerge from the shadow of ordinariness and really live exuberantly. You will learn to keep your head and trust yourself in challenging situations, see the truth beyond the obvious, rebuild and renew relationships, let go of complaining, create workable life practices, be consistent and keep your virtue, be counted on, and make things happen. You get to feel triumphant in your circumstances so that you take your life and power back while having heaps of fun!

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The ANSWER to Absolutely Everything DVD

“A Documentary film on the Metaphysics of Success”

We live our lives by default or by design!

THE ANSWER To Absolutely Everything explores the fundamental questions of how to live a profoundly abundant and joyful life.

Inspiring people whose stories are documented in THE ANSWER have overcome adversity and realized their dreams… and so can you.

THE ANSWER To Absolutely Everythinggives you a road map to navigate and powerfully accelerates your life in the areas of health, wealth, relationships, self-expression and wisdom.

You will discover how to:

  • Experience ever-increasing vitality and well-being
  • Achieve your highest ambitions
  • Create loving relationships
  • Attract wealth and prosperity
  • Create extraordinary results in every area of your life

This movie is truly extraordinary!  You will be touched, moved and inspired to be your best at whatever you do, whether that be achieving your dreams or recovering from a life-threatening illness, or being in service to humanity.  It touches on issues that are central to everyone on earth, and encourages us as human beings to fulfill our potential and transform our lives and our community by discovering the infinite power within us.   The stories in the movie speak volumes.

CNN honors The Answer’s Steve Peifer with Hero Award


It will touch yours and everyone who views it.  It is a fabulous DVD to see with friends and family to raise the consciousness and to penetrate the inner values where we hare in common.  It brings people together in the simplest and most sincere way. It has humor, deep questions, education, tips for success, and it is a tear jerker too. It has it all.  One viewer said it simply:This movie has Heart!

“Powerful and Life Altering.” – TeriLynn Anderson

It’s more than a movie; it’s an experience!  Click Here to see it now.


Maestro Conference

With MaestroConference, hosts can conduct truly interactive calls.

  • Instantly put participants into breakout groups.
  • Respond individually when participants “raise their hand.”
  • Eliminate annoying background noise.
  • Instantly take an order.
  • Engage participants for more compelling calls.
  • Improve call quality through orderly interaction and polling.
  • Increase conversion on sales calls.
  • Develop new revenue streams with low-cost tele-workshops.

Click Here To Learn More About Maestro Conferences.

Did you miss Ray’s Maestro Conference?

Take the opportunity to listen FREE to Ray’s lecture, Clearing the Past, Embracing the Future as you begin to close this year and head into the new one.


How far can you go while carrying a twenty pound lead ball on your back? The weight of the past will drag you down and slow the progress to your dreams. Old weeds in the garden will choke off new growth. Yet clearing the past allows space for possibilities and new life. Changing the past is not possible, but letting it go is freedom. In this light, a compelling new future can be brought into being. Your WISH (Wealth, Intimacy, Success, Health) can blossom. Have fun in this interactive Q & A tele-training and glean tons of new ideas!

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