Maestro Conference

With MaestroConference, hosts can conduct truly interactive calls.

  • Instantly put participants into breakout groups.
  • Respond individually when participants “raise their hand.”
  • Eliminate annoying background noise.
  • Instantly take an order.
  • Engage participants for more compelling calls.
  • Improve call quality through orderly interaction and polling.
  • Increase conversion on sales calls.
  • Develop new revenue streams with low-cost tele-workshops.

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Did you miss Ray’s Maestro Conference?

Take the opportunity to listen FREE to Ray’s lecture, Clearing the Past, Embracing the Future as you begin to close this year and head into the new one.

maestrorayHow far can you go while carrying a twenty pound lead ball on your back? The weight of the past will drag you down and slow the progress to your dreams. Old weeds in the garden will choke off new growth. Yet clearing the past allows space for possibilities and new life. Changing the past is not possible, but letting it go is freedom. In this light, a compelling new future can be brought into being. Your WISH (Wealth, Intimacy, Success, Health) can blossom. Have fun in this interactive Q & A tele-training and glean tons of new ideas.

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