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Services at A Glance – Blanchard Consulting Group

The  business of business is often more than just business.

While there is no doubt that the daily practical side of business is critically important, successful entrepreneurs and business executives also know that this is not always enough.  In the global market place of today, clearly there is a need for creativity, for personal as well as professional growth in order to succeed and grow their businesses.

Blanchard Consulting Group assists progressive individuals, executives and leaders in their quest for this balance and success.  We do that through dynamic personal and business growth trainings and coaching.

The trainings and coaching bring forth renewed vision and aligned actions for new measures of success.  Our family of trainings and coaching build effective next generation leaders by illuminating distinct principles and practices of accomplishment, a language of acceleration, and a conversation for action which increases internal velocity and business momentum.  We feature four integrated leadership programs, designed for leadership breakthrough, consciousness elevation, and practical integration:

  • QUANTUM – “Quality Leadership Training”
  • Mastering the Game of Life
  • Heroes Journey
  • Spirit at Work

QUANTUM – “Quality Leadership Training” is an executive intensive in the Art of Leadership.  It develops and redefines the “role of a leader”, and crafts and hones the “state of being” of a visionary leader for maximum team performance.

Mastering the Game of Life is a training in the Zen and Art of Agility. It is discovering who you are, and learning the art of being present and centered in your true power without forcing it. It accesses your true gifts that make you an effective leader, while keeping you in your natural “flow” with flexibility and increased sensory awareness.

Heroes Journey is an exercise in developing the Character of a Leader and playing as a Team. It is a 16 module  program with exercises, lessons, and activities to develop depth of character while accomplishing specific individual and group goals and objectives that are set at the beginning of the program. The follow through is a life altering experience.

Spirit At Work is a dynamic 2 ½ day workshop on Winning from Within. It is for employees at all levels of the organization. It redefines winning and develops a new mind set that works to get results. It is a one-team business acceleration workshop, which evokes responsibility, full participation, effective communication, and peak performance.

Facilitators and Coaches

Blanchard Consulting Group, LLC is fully staffed to customize programs to fit your needs, based on more than 150 years of experience at leadership, coaching, organizational renewal, program design and implementation, and training trainers.

We utilize a consortium of experts to create and deliver your unique course or program. Not all are listed here, but some of the main analysts, designers, and coaches are:

  • Dr. Ray Blanchard
  • Carlos Fernandez
  • Jack Zwissig
  • Bettie Spruill
  • Sue Hawkes
  • Dr. Joel Martin
  • Kora Sanchez

“Your success is our success!”

For more detail on trainings, executive coaching, mentoring, and programs designed especially for you, please contact Dr. Ray Blanchard at or submit your information on the Contact page on this site.  We will contact you shortly after we receive your inquiry.

Thank you for your interest.

We look forward to a committed partnership with you!

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