Dr. Ray Blanchard

Master Trainer and Peak Performance Coach

Over 50 years as a Leader in Personal and Professional Development

From meager beginnings in the inner city in the Midwest USA, Ray was a person of big ideas but with few means. He learned at an early age to strategize and navigate his way to greater opportunities, and because of this, he began a path toward a wide range of rich life experiences and a unique blend of knowledge and skill.

In the realm of personal and professional development, Dr. Ray Blanchard's legacy is unparalleled. His foundation is rooted in an illustrious academic journey, starting with a degree in psychology from Washington University in St. Louis and culminating with a Ph.D. from the University of Oregon in education and counseling psychology. His deep interest in consciousness and transformational technologies has shaped his approach to trainings and life.

His approach to training was profoundly influenced by his extended stay at Esalen Institute in the mid 1970’s and subsequent experiences at Landmark Education, years of work at Lifespring Inc., and selected dimensions from the work of the eminent linguist Fernando Flores. For half a century, Dr. Blanchard has traversed the globe, delivering transformative training and coaching programs to over 200,000 individuals worldwide. His lasting impact on shaping success stories worldwide is a testament to his relentless pursuit of excellence. Corporate giants, including TOMMY BAHAMAS, AT&T, and the Universiti Pertanian Malaysia Faculty of Economics and Management have not only benefited from his expertise but have thrived under Dr. Blanchard's groundbreaking training and coaching programs.

Beyond his role as the visionary founder of Ray Blanchard Training Systems and Blanchard Consulting Group, Dr. Blanchard is renowned globally as a Master Trainer. Within the transformational space, he remains a visonary, upholding an impeccable reputation and setting benchmarks in the transformational space. His esteemed position on the Board of Directors for the Transformational Leadership Council further accentuates his influence and passion in shaping the future of transformative education and practices. Dr. Ray is also a member of the Association of Transformational Leaders, the American Counseling Association, and has been ordained a knight in the Knights of the Order of St. John.

Ray co-founded Transformational Media Group, and he is Co-Executive Producer of the movie THE ANSWER To Absolutely Everything and the documentary Reinvented. Ray Blanchard is the founder and Master Trainer for TrainUP Forum, a 6-9 month program for developing next-generation trainers, speakers, and leaders.

Dr. Blanchard also created Divinity Minutes, bite-sized snippets of wisdom that provide profound insight and guidance to thousands. Sign up to receive his weekly Divinity Minutes via email here.

Peak Performance Coaching with Dr. Ray

At the heart of Dr. Ray's offerings is his signature Peak Performance Coaching Program, tailored especially for Trainers, Entrepreneurs, and Community Leaders. This unique coaching model encapsulates his holistic approach to unlocking potential, ensuring those at the forefront of change are equipped, empowered, and energized to make a difference in the world.

Ray's program is rooted in the belief that everyone holds the potential to lead with significance and excellence. His approach centers on amplifying one's intrinsic leadership qualities, nurturing new skills, and fostering growth that transcends expectations. Whether it's a newly-minted trainer establishing themselves in the work, a promising professional starting a nonprofit, or an established entrepreneur looking to elevate their game, Ray offers tailored strategies for all. Learn more about Peak Performance Coaching here.

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