What Ray's Clients and Colleagues Have to Say

Ray Blanchard is devoted mastery in action! He not only brilliantly develops and strategically delivers the highest caliber transformational trainings, but he wholeheartedly embodies and lives the work as well. I can unequivocally say he has been my greatest mentor. I trust, respect and honor him impeccably. He never sells out on people, and prodigiously and consistently chooses the high road in full integrity. He’s like a lighthouse standing steadfast and true for all who seek deep wisdom, pure contribution, and right livelihood. The distinctions, tools and skill sets I’ve learned from him are always carried with me and utilized daily, both in my personal life and my professional business consulting and training practice. My life and my career have been forever improved by this incredible man and his epic work. Mr. Blanchard is the real deal; totally unforgettable! I am eternally grateful for who he chooses to be in this world. I humbly and honorably carry on his Legacy. With amenable reverence, I highly recommend Ray! 

Sandi L. King

CEO, Consulting King Services, LLC

Working with Dr. Ray Blanchard has been one of the defining events for my life and career as a trainer, leader and teacher. He has a style that taps into the best in people and he brings a vast background of knowledge and experience. I trained with him intensely for roughly three years, and after facilitating many trainings myself, I can say I draw on those times quite often. I am grateful to have experienced the gift that he has been for me and for so many.

Christopher DeSanti

Trainer and Educator, Author

Urban Mystic, Ancient Wisdom from a Modern Day Seeker


Dr. Ray Blanchard is one of the world’s best Transformational Leadership Developers and Trainer of Trainers that I have worked with. Whether it is Organizational Development, Executive Coaching, Breakthrough Performance, or Management Consulting, I count on Dr. Ray’s intellectual brilliance, excellence, track record of successes, and importantly for me, his caring, joy, and exceptional core values. He invented many of the Global Transformation Theories and Practices that are mainstream today.

Dr. Joel P. Martin

President, Triad West, Inc. and Positively Powerful


Dr. Ray Blanchard is widely recognized as one of the world’s preeminent transformational trainers and leaders. His depth of knowledge in the field of training trainers provides a rewarding and distinct experience that is rich, meaningful, and profound.

Bettie Spruill

Executive Coach, Consultant and Entrepreneur


Ray, in my assessment, you and your team have created a larger container of transformational leadership, which is boundary-less. All youth, young adults, students, public safety professionals, coaches, trainers, teachers, parents, government workers, IT specialists, spiritual leaders, etc. can rewrite a different story for themselves... I am experiencing an interdisciplinary approach, which is inclusive of self-care evidence-based practices, embodiment for peer support, nurturing and discovering ways to be full participants in teams and communities, respectively and leading transformation. Thanks for caring and giving your gifts to humanity.

Wali Mutazammil

Behavioral and Mental Wellness Coaching, Inc.                                        

Certified Leadership/Executive and Organization Coach

Best Selling Co-Author "The Art and Science of Success"

Ray Blanchard developed and facilitated training for the management teams of both the Restaurant and Retail Store divisions at Tommy Bahamas, focused on the development of authentic, healthy relationships. It was the conduit to great communcation and great leadership and was a living, breathing managment tool far more powerful thatn any strategic plan or annual budget.

WC Wells

President, Six Sense Consulting

Former President, Restaurant and Retail Store Divisions, Tommy Bahamas

For those for whom Dr. Ray is a new resource... He's a former Lifespring and ARC trainer with impeccable credentials and a loving spirit. His work training trainers has been a huge contribution to the human potential movement.

Robert White

Owner, Extraordinary People, LLC

Dr. Ray Blanchard and I have known each other and worked together for more than 40 years. I am, therefore, qualified to state that he is truly a Master trainer, course designer, and speaker. He combines an extensive academic background with real life experience to offer students unique, fresh and exciting perspectives about experiencing purpose and joy in their lives. He is passionate, funny, insightful and wise. I highly recommend any course he designs and/or facilitates.

Jack Zwissig

CEO Zwissig and Associates

Author – The Tao (Path) of High Performance Leadership

For close to 20 years, I have known Dr. Ray as mentor, friend, colleague, and business partner. Being with him in all of these dimensions has allowed me to experience palpably the love that powers his work, as well as witness the global scale of his impact for generations. He truly cares that trainers be their best, and bring the best of themselves to those they serve. He practices and teaches rigor in the art and skill of training, recognizing that this translates to honoring each participant. He is always learning and always sharing generously, allowing us all to stay and be relevant. These commitments, along with his incomparable depth and breadth of wisdom in the wide field of transformational training, makes working with him a rare and privileged treasure. My life and impact has expanded exponentially through his presence in it.

Dawnelle Hyland

Trainer and Educator, Creator: Trailblazer Academy: Sustainable Transformation by Design

Founding Executive, Transformational Learning Consortium, LLC

Ray Blanchard has impacted my life. Period. I came to him to learn to be a transformational trainer. That came true and I have been able to travel the world sharing, working with folks in many ways. But, becoming a trainer became the least important part of our work. He helped to shape me into a man that can be the husband, father, brother, and friend that I am. I am eternally grateful for Ray Blanchard and the gift he is to the world.

Ryan Soave

Trainer, Coach, Counselor and Consultant


Dr. Ray Blanchard is an artful and meaningful mentor whose TrainUPForum is ‘spot on’ and directs the participants along the pathways of achieving the core competencies required to deliver professional and effective trainings.  Dr. Ray Blanchard was one of my most ‘inspirational’ mentors and his style of delivery and the depth of his knowledge made it possible for the learning to sink in deeply and stay put. The TrainUP Forum is more than a class or workshop; it is a pathway to greatness, with ‘pearls’ of wisdom and understanding that I have been able to apply in every aspect of my life, both professionally and personally.  While presenting trainings and workshops or consulting and coaching, these lessons have stayed with me and enabled me to reach levels of success that surpassed my imagination while I was a ‘trainer in training’.

Randy Hunt

CEO, International Coaching, Consulting and Training Group, USA

Founder and Chairman, Next Step Asia, Ltd., Hong Kong

I believe the statement, “I feel honored and privileged” is over used in our industry. Having said that, I have known Dr. Ray Blanchard personally for approximately 15 years and known of him for more than 25 years. I have worked with Ray in the same training room in several occasions. I truly felt HONORED AND PRIVILEGED to be co-training with Ray. His work ethic combined with his knowledge and creativity is an awesome gift that he has shared with thousands of participants. Even above all that an authentic caring and commitment to “make a difference” with the people he interacts with is abundantly clear, which I have found to be a rare asset among many trainers and consultants.... It is clear that Ray has worked extensively to create a path for others that are interested in continuing to “make a difference.” I highly recommend Dr. Blanchard as a Trainer/Coach/Consultant to learn from.

Carlos Fernandez

Owner, CRF Industries


Dr. Ray is one of the most compassionate, perceptive trainers I know. He empowers each of us to be the very best expression of who we are by embracing and celebrating our highest selves. His training is subtle, elegant and fun.

Dr. Cherie Clark


I was commercial pilot at Mexicana Airlines when I decided to become a coach with Dr. Ray Blanchard. It was spectacular! If you are thinking of being professional, this is the right place or, I should say, the best place to become a professional trainer. Ray is a legend...love and gratitude!

Pablo Moreno

Coach and Business Trainer


Ray Blanchard was an extraordinary mentor in my development as a trainer. He was masterful in seeing and nurturing my strengths as well as spotting the areas where I needed lots of support and growth. He challenged me when I needed to be challenged and never hesitated to rigorously hold the line. He taught me to stay grounded in service, and how to keep my heart open. He also showed me the importance of remaining centered even when students were reactive during their own process. Ray is a true master who lets the training be created through the space he provides. He showed how to be spacious, and in that, how to embrace my ego while not letting my ego run the show. He modeled passion, service, commitment and compassion in a way that transformed me and how I saw myself as a trainer. He championed and encouraged me whenever I felt like giving up as I was losing faith in myself, seeing the enormity of the task. He was tough and gentle at the same time, holding the space for the possibility that “I would be a spectacular trainer.” He would say that time and time again. I am very grateful for his mentorship and love. Thanks to his commitment to me as a trainer I have now been able to be in service to tens of thousands of people around the world.

Gabriel Nossovitch

Co-Founder of ArgentinaWorks in Buenos Aires

ChileWorks in Santiago

MexWorks and Worldworks Mexico in Mexico City

Worldworks, Inc. in the USA


I'm from back in the good old days of Lifespring. You were my trainer and also my mom's trainer. I know the work was powerful back then, in the nineties, but I had no idea how deep, lasting and power it would be in my life until today at 74 years young. Lifespring usually did not announce who the trainers would be because they knew everybody loved Ray and would wait to sign up for your training. Someone let it slip that you would be the trainer and my mother... jumped on the first thing smoking to be in your training. I enfold you in my deepest love. I dwell in possibility! Thank you.

Linda Alston

International Educational Consultant, Certified Master Life Coach

Meeting [Ray] at the Lifespring Advanced course changed my life forever and I still feed off the inspiration and discoveries I had in that training. He was the catalyst for me to get my life back and start to have and live my dreams. I love Ray Blanchard!

Don Brown, M.D.

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