Count Your Blessings: How to BE, DO, and HAVE a Blessed Life

Live your best life. The best life is a Blessed life. BE blessed, DO blessed, HAVE blessed! - Dr. Ray Blanchard

Living our best life: a concept that most of us strive for but may struggle to define. It's often equated with success, wealth, or happiness. However, the best life may not solely rely on these outward achievements, but rather on a deep-seated sense of abundance and contentment — a Blessed Life. But what does it mean to BE blessed, DO blessed, and HAVE blessed?


Be Blessed

Before one acts (“does”), one must cultivate a state of “being blessed”—a state characterized by feelings of gratitude, positivity, and peace. This internal state serves as the foundational platform upon which actions are based. It is an embodiment of love, kindness, compassion, and a recognition of the inherent goodness and richness in life. It's about acknowledging and cherishing the existing blessings in our life, however big or small they may be. The way we perceive our life and our place in it heavily influences our experiences. BEing blessed is not a passive state but an active recognition of the inherent goodness and richness of our lives.

From this perspective, gratitude, peace, and positivity are not mere emotions or transient states but are aspects or modes of being. They are ways in which individuals interpret and relate to their existence and the world around them. Cultivating these states is about fostering a particular way of being in the world, a way characterized by appreciation, contentment, and optimistic engagement with life’s experiences. It is a profound, existential stance, affecting the very essence of one’s existence, shaping how one relates to, interprets, and experiences the world.

Do Blessed

“DOing blessed” implies that actions, decisions, and behaviors are rooted in love, kindness, and compassion. The person is not acting kindly merely for an outcome but is emanating kindness as a natural expression of their state of being. This encompasses giving back to others, contributing to the community, and caring for the environment, reflecting an external manifestation of the internal state of blessings. It involves acting out of love, kindness, and compassion. It means extending the blessings we have received by giving back to others, to our community, and to our environment. It's about embodying our blessed state through our actions and choices.

Have Blessed

The natural outcome or “have” of “doing blessed” is the proliferation and manifestation of blessings in one’s life and the lives of others. This may not always be material possessions; it could also be intangible, like having peace of mind, fulfilling relationships, and a sense of purpose and fulfillment. It is a recursive loop where having blessings reinforces the state of being blessed, which in turn influences future actions. It's about recognizing that we are enough, we have enough, and we are blessed in various ways. It also involves manifesting more blessings in our life through a mindset of abundance.

Embracing the philosophy of BEing, DOing, and HAVing blessed can profoundly transform our lives. It leads us to live our best life - a life where we are content, act out of kindness, and appreciate our blessings. As we embark on this journey of living a blessed life, let's remember that it's a continuous practice and not a destination. It's about the transformation that occurs within us as we learn to BE blessed, DO blessed, and HAVE blessed, ultimately leading us to a life of purpose, a life of fulfillment, and a life full of blessings.

The Practice of BEING, DOING, and HAVING a Blessed Life:

Develop a habit of contentment and gratitude: Recognize that you are enough and you have enough. By cultivating a consistent practice of gratitude, we not only acknowledge our blessings but also train our minds to focus on the richness of our lives, reducing the longing for more.

Practice mindfulness: Stay present and appreciate the abundance in the now. Instead of getting caught in the whirlwind of past regrets or future anxieties, anchoring ourselves in the current moment allows us to truly experience and cherish life's immediate offerings.

Develop a positive mindset: Focus on the positive aspects of your life and situations. By consciously choosing to see the silver lining, even in challenging situations, we build resilience and invite more joy and satisfaction into our daily lives.

Manifest abundance: Visualize and believe in the blessings you want to attract. When we clearly envision our desires and trust in their fruition, we align our actions and energy with the universe, paving the way for our aspirations to become reality.

Appreciate and care for what you have: From your body to your relationships, and everything in between. Actively cherishing and nurturing the various facets of our lives deepens our connection to them, ensuring that we don't take them for granted and promoting a more holistic sense of well-being.

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